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Penny has 3+ years of experience in cosmetic tattooing with several more years experience in brow shaping. Having trained with several of the world's best in the field she has created her own style which is a more natural, less is more approach with a shape carefully designed to enhance your facial structure. The microblading technique implants colour beneath the surface of the skin using tiny sterile, disposable needles with a high quality brow pigment implanted. Brow tattooing takes at least 2 appointments, the first appointment to build up the brow and gain more symmetry and the 2nd to add density and perfect.

Benefits of Brow Tattooing

- Smudge proof and waterproof brows so that you can feel confident swimming/sweating
- Fills in sparse or uneven areas with a natural appearance
- Low maintenance way of having polished looking brows
- Semi-Permanent, allows for adjustments over time as you age

What kind of pigment do you use?
Cosmetic tattoos are made using iron oxide based pigments, compared to body tattoos which use carbon based ink. The pigments are safe to use, are the highest quality and are designed to slowly fade over time.

Is brow tattooing for me?
Brow tattoing is not for everyone. I offer a few different types of tattooing in order to cater to different skin types and ages.

Microblading is not meant to replace brow powders/pencils entirely and you still may still need to apply makeup if you want a more defined look for going out, so that you are able to go without any makeup and not feel like your brows are overpowering your face.
You cannot receive cosmetic tattooing if you:
- are pregnant
- are under 18 years old
- have active rosacea on your face
- are freshly sunburnt on your face
- are on Accutane medications/creams or have used them in the past 6 months

How long does it take?
You should allow 2 hours for your appointment. The treatment begins with consultation forms, pre-drawing and designing your eyebrows before the actual procedure and numbing time.

What should I do before my procedure?
- Brow waxing/hair removal to be done at least 2 days before appointment
- Brow tinting 48 hrs before if required
- Limit Alcohol & Caffeine 24 hours before
- Limit Fish Oil supplementation 1-2 weeks prior (blood thinner)
- Wait at least 2 weeks after injectables/botox
- Wait at least 1 month after any chemical peel facials

How long does it last?
It is highly recommended to have a touch up once a year to keep the colour fresh. The rate in which the tattoo will fade is dependant on a variety of factors such as: sun exposure, medications, using products containing exfoliating acids, skin type, smoking, iron deficiency/anemic. Results can NOT be guaranteed as everyone retains pigment differently and additional sessions may be required to obtain optimal results. Additional charges will then apply.

Will the treatment hurt?
Topical anaesthetic cream containing lidocaine and tetracaine are used during the treatment for your comfort. Most clients say that the sensation from tweezing hairs or threading is worse but pain tolerance and sensitivity varies between each individual.

What is the healing process like?
Immediently after the tattoo will be a few shades darker and appear more crisp. On day 3-10 a layer of skin will build up, causing some slight flaking and the tattoo can appear lighter. At this stage it's important to apply your recommended after care cream and to not pick at the area. All clients are given detailed after care instructions to follow.

Price List, effective as of JULY 2017

Please note:
Rates below are subject to change anytime.
If your brows have been previously tattooed and you're interested in corrective work/touch up of another artist, please email photos prior to booking for me to assess. If the brows are too dark/dense, tattoo removal is usually recommended prior to proceeding.
Touch up/Maintenance rates are for current clients only.

A consultation appointment is an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have regarding whether or not Ethereal Cosmetic Tattoo services are suited for you. $30
Microbladed brows $490
Powder brows - a soft diffused wash of colour, no hair strokes. $490
Combination brows - hair strokes with shading for added depth $550
Top eyeliner $400
Lash enhancement eyeliner (In between eyelashes) $400
Beauty spot POA
Areola repigmentation $400
Maintenance appointments
First touch up (within 2 months of initial procedure) Free
Additional Touch Up within 3 months $80
Under 11 months $200
12-24 months since last touch up $350
After 24 months Full price
I accept cash and eftpos facilities are available for Visa/Mastercard and Debit. A 2% transaction charge occurs for eftpos facilities.

A $50 booking deposit is required to secure your appointment. The deposit can be transfered to reschedule an appointment but will be forfeited if you cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment date.
Please call if you are running late. If you arrive to your appointment over 20 minutes late, your deposit is forfeited and your appointment may be cancelled.

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